Key Industries

Attracting innovation in a bustling economy

Montgomery County is a prime location for many key industries, and we also welcome entrepreneurs at heart who come equipped with innovative ideas. With proximity to Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, along with our infrastructure, amenities and highly educated population, Montgomery County is buzzing with new business growth and exciting projects in the pipeline.

Information Technology

Cutting edge Information Technology companies are exploding in MoCo. From cloud-based solutions and network architecture to companies at the intersection of technology and healthcare, the county is bursting with innovation and energy in the tech world. Find out how the world-wide reputation of Montgomery County can work for you.


No space is more in demand in today’s world than cybersecurity, and MoCo is on the cutting edge of the booming cyber market. With federal government agencies and private companies in our backyard, MoCo is home to many of the leading businesses that are innovating and finding solutions to combat cyber threats here and abroad.

BioHealth & Life sciences

MoCo is a global and fast-growing biohealth hub, where life-saving innovations are happening every day. Find out more about the top biohealth companies and influencers paving the way, along with emerging companies that are changing the face of life science. What starts here in our community is changing lives around the globe.



Integrated, quality healthcare is vital to the people who live and work in the county. That’s why having world-class hospitals and healthcare right in the community is a tremendous advantage. Find out about the award-winning area hospitals that provide the highest caliber of healthcare along with health and wellness programs that encourage people to stay healthy.

Hospitality & Tourism

The welcome mat is always out for the nearly 7 million visitors that come to Montgomery County every year, for conferences, trade shows and pleasure. MoCo is home to the corporate headquarters of major industry players including Marriott Hotels and Ritz-Carlton. Find out more about what keeps these and other industry leaders here in MoCo. 


The agriculture business is healthy and growing, with a rich heritage of family farming and an exciting future. Learn more about the farming and horticulture industry which pack a strong economic punch for the local economy. The county is home to the New Farmer Project, a beer farm, and the only farm in MoCo churning up its own homemade ice cream. 



Advanced Manufacturing gives companies a leading edge in business and is a growth industry across multiple sectors in the County. Using innovative technologies to improve competitiveness, this state-of-the-art approach to manufacturing helps improve efficiency and responsiveness to market changes.

Financial Services

Local banks and other financial service providers are major economic contributors to our regional economy. They provide important financial resources and tools to support growth, bridge the path to expansion and open doors to national and global business opportunities. Banks and credit unions, along with investment, accounting and venture capital firms, are driving business success in our area.


Montgomery County nonprofits play an important role in our neighborhoods and the world. By supporting local citizens and partnering with global businesses, they help build stronger communities and successful companies. Find out more about opportunities for you to make an important difference.