Request for proposal (rfp)

Project Objective: To produce content videos the Montgomery County Economic Corporation
Issuing Organization: The Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation
RFP Issued: March 25, 2019
Due Date for Proposals: April 26, 2019
Contact for Further Information:
Warren Ellis, VP of Marketing
Phone: 240-641-6703 

Organizational Background

The mission of the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) is to foster business growth and expansion in Montgomery County, MD. Organized as a 501(c)(3), and funded by Montgomery County, Maryland, the MCEDC is the official public-private economic development organization for the County.

Summary of Ask

MCEDC is seeking a video production company to produce up to 25 four-minute content videos, or 100 final, edited minutes, in the Think Success series, the Built For Bio video series, as well as branding videos. The production company will provide all equipment, filming, editing, post-production and final delivery of up to 30 videos that are up to four-minutes in length. The fast-paced, quick cut videos feature the MCEDC CEO interacting with business leaders in the County and include interior and exterior filming. More at and

Proposal Parameters including Required Elements to Include for Evaluation

Proposals should include a quote for 25 videos that are up to four-minutes in length, or 100 final, edited minutes of video.

  • Develop up 25 videos that are up to four-minutes in length, or 100 final, edited minutes, over the course of a year that showcases MCEDC and local business owners of Montgomery County

  • Develop a Production Package that provides the final video concept, high-level storyboard, final requirements and project schedule

  • Provide a 2-person camera crew (includes Director and 1 additional resource) needed to capture the required footage over the course of a four to five-hour period, with date flexibility by production company for filming schedule. Each crew member will operate a camera

  • Provide one HD hand-held camera, audio gear and production gear (tripods, two body microphones and other grip equipment as needed) during the production days

  • Cost will include all background music and simple motion graphics/title slides within the videos

  • Complete color correction and audio enhancement during the fine cut stage

  • Complete editing and develop up to three drafts before the final videos are delivered (rough cut, fine cut and final cut), The rough cut must be delivered with 10 business days or less. The fine cut must be delivered within 5 business days or less. The final cut must be delivered within 5 business days or less

  • MCEDC will not ensure any additional fees for opening a file, asking to see unused footage, additional edits or a request for the video to be longer in length.

Proposals submitted to MCEDC in response to this RFP need to include the following elements:

  • Scope of Work

    • Cost estimate per each complete video

  • Timeline and Budget

    • Detailed project timeline which aligns with MCEDC requirements: 

    • First rough cut delivered within 10 business days of filming date

    • Second fine cut delivered within 5 business days of filming date

    • Final cut delivered within 5 business days of filming date

  • Qualifications

    • A summary of experience performing commercial and business video production with examples provided of similar projects. Direct MCEDC to a website for samples.

    • Project References

    • Two customer references from comparable projects, including the company name, type of organization, contact name, contact job title, address, email, phone number, and brief project description for that reference.

MCEDC will evaluate all proposals based on the following:

  • Overall Proposal Suitability: How well does the proposed scope address the current success video needs of MCEDC?

  • Experience: How relevant is the prior video experience described in the proposal to the current scope?

  • Flexibility: How willing is the production company to provide additional time, additional edits, the opening of files and provide unused footage with charge additional costs?

  • Quality of References: How do previous customers describe performance on prior projects?

  • Value and Costs: How reasonable are the costs listed in the proposal? Do they efficiently and adequately address the video production needs?

Proposal Timeline

RFP Distribution | 3/25/19

Questions submitted to | 4/4/19

Responses to Questions from MCEDC | 4/8/19

Proposal Due Date by 5:00 p.m. | 4/15/19

Target Date for Review of Proposals | 4/16 – 4/18/19

Interviews of Finalists (phone or in person) | 4/23/19

Anticipated Proposal Award Announcement | 4/26/19

Anticipated Project Commencement | 5/7/19

Anticipated Project Completion Date | 4/1/20

Proposal Details

Proposals must be emailed to Warren Ellis at with “Video Production RFP 2019” in the email subject line no later than 5 PM EDT on April 15, 2019. No proposals received after this time will be considered, unless the deadline has been extended. All proposals must be signed by an official agent or representative of the company submitting the proposal.

Contract terms and conditions will be negotiated upon selection of the winning Bidder for this RFP. All contractual terms and conditions will be subject to review by attorneys representing the MCEDC and will include scope, budget, schedule and other necessary items pertaining to the project.