Creating a sustainable and better future

Montgomery County is committed to living and working green, and leading by example with  forward-thinking initiatives. Our innovation extends to sustainability, where County government operations have been carbon-neutral since 2016, delivering a 23% reduction in our carbon footprint. We encourage businesses that support our efforts, like Bethesda Green and the first formal green bank.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Montgomery County is committed to leading by example in greenhouse gas emission reductions.

  • 100% of electricity supply purchased from clean sources

  • Installed more than six megawatts of solar photovoltaic panels on public facilities

  • Operates a total of 243 electric and gasoline/electric hybrid vehicles

  • Serves 26 million passengers a year and operates 370 buses, all either hybrid electric, compressed natural gas, or clean diesel

  • Completed its first two microgrids in 2018, enhanced with solar energy

  • The first of only a handful of local governments to join the Subnational Global Climate Leadership Coalition, agreeing to pursue emission reductions consistent with a trajectory of 80 to 95 percent below 1990 levels by 2050

Supporting Businesses

Montgomery County prides itself in supporting businesses that help our efforts.

  • Green Bank – The first formal green bank organization to be established at a local government level

  • Commercial PACE Financing – Commercial property owners can finance energy-saving upgrades

  • Fuel Energy Tax Exemption for Onsite Clean Energy – Electricity generated through onsite solar installation is exempt from the County’s Fuel Energy Tax

  • Rainscapes Rewards – Offers rebates up to $10,000 for commercial property owners installing rain gardens and other projects

  • The Montgomery County Green Business Certification Program – Recognizes businesses that exhibit a high level of sustainability

Engaged Residents

The people living in Montgomery County contribute to a better future.

  • Bethesda Green, a nonprofit sustainability hub with a mission to promote green living practices

  • One Montgomery Green fosters partnerships that help others to achieve their goals of supporting sustainable communities while promoting the development of a green economy

  • Poolesville Green is a local effort that promotes the appreciation, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in and around Poolesville and extending throughout the Upper-Montgomery County area

  • Financial incentives help residents reduce their energy use, including tax credits, free “Quick Home Energy Check-ups,” Maryland Residential Clean Energy Grant Program, and Weatherization Assistance to low-income households

  • More than 150 publicly available electric vehicle charging stations

  • Seven local USDA Organic farms, 24 Farmers Markets, and 27 Community Supported Agriculture vendors

  • The annual GreenFest, a free, all-day environmental festival


Montgomery County is making significant strides toward energy independence by generating clean, local, renewable energy on county facilities.

Isiah Leggett, Montgomery County Executive


Bethesda, MD

Part incubator, connector and community partner, Bethesda Green is 100% all in to help accelerate the sustainable local economy and improve the health of the planet. The Be Green Hub nurtures green and social impact start-ups while other programs provide tools for assessment, workshops and community engagement. Bethesda Green also offers a Leadership Academy for local high school seniors to nurture and inspire the next generation of green champions.



VP of Strategy