Research and obtain required licenses and permits

Business licensing is not always required. The State of Maryland and Montgomery County do not issue general business licenses. One may be required for specific business activities.

Business Licenses and Permits

The Montgomery County Small Business Navigator has abundant information on business licensing and permitting. See some of the first steps needed to start a business by researching what business licenses and permits are required. 

Business Regulations and Laws   

Successful businesses understand the importance of knowing and following regulations related to their industry. LEARN MORE >

Occupational Licenses

The Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR) is responsible for issuing Occupational and Professional Licensing in specific industries at Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

Trader’s licenses. Most retail (and many other) enterprises require a business license to operate legally in Montgomery County. See the Montgomery County Clerk of the Circuit Court for further information

Construction trades and vendors. See information at Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services (DPS).

Food, lodging and health related licenses

Information is available at the Licensure and Regulatory Services.

Day Care Centers

Whether opening a childcare program in a separate facility or in a private home, a license must be obtained from the Maryland State Department of Education, Office of Child Care. Orientation sessions are available.

Consumer Protection Licenses

Montgomery County Office of Consumer Protection issues licenses for:

  • Motor Vehicle Repair/Towing
  • New Homes Builders
  • Radio, Television and Appliance Installation and Repair
  • Secondhand Personal Property Dealers

Home based businesses

If your home-based business generates more than five vehicle visits per week (excluding deliveries) or has one nonresident employee, you must register your business with the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services.

Zoning and Permitting

If your business will own or lease commercial property (i.e. storefront, office space, etc.), find information at the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services.