A Win-Win Encounter

Spotlight on Emmanuel Olaoye, Business Development Specialist

Two things immediately hit you upon meeting Emmanuel Olaoye: one, he is extremely tall yet gives off a very approachable ‘come chat with me’ vibe; and two, he has an engaging British accent, ending most encounters with an endearing ‘Cheers.’ As one of MCEDC’s newest business development specialists, ‘Manny’ is tasked with helping to recruit companies to Montgomery County, and he is also involved in a variety of strategic activities within the organization.

Before joining MCEDC, Manny was a financial journalist for Thomson Reuters in New York and Washington, covering financial regulation and dealing with banks, brokers, and financial regulators. He’s also worked in London with a start-up that was later acquired by Thomson Reuters. When the MCEDC opportunity arose to come back to the Washington, D.C. region and pursue his passion for helping small and medium-sized companies grow, he jumped at the chance — and jumped on the next plane from his former home base of London.

What makes Montgomery County special? Manny credits the highly educated and diverse workforce as a unique factor and a fantastic draw for companies. He spent some of his formative years in Nigeria, and recognizes the melting pot that is Montgomery County as a great place for global business opportunity.


Manny graduated from the University of Essex in England with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. True to his European roots, he enjoys watching and playing soccer. He’s also a boxing fan — having spent some time in the ring, but now more often enjoys watching from a safe distance. Locally, he loves attending festivals in the park and cultural events, with no shortage of options in Montgomery County and nearby D.C. What’s the best professional advice he’s received? Always focus on win-win outcomes in every encounter. That sounds like good advice, in the boxing ring and in life.