Sponsorship Policy


The Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) recognizes the benefit of participation in appropriate sponsorships of organizations or events—making awarding sponsorships an important part of the MCEDC mission.

The MCEDC Sponsorship Program is designed to build sustainable partnerships and to further the growth of our target industries including BioHealth, IT/Cybersecurity, Financial Services and Advanced Manufacturing, as well as other emerging industries that involve entrepreneurship and innovation.

The purpose of this policy is to establish the criteria and consistent process by which the MCEDC will evaluate sponsorship requests with external parties.

Sponsorship Criteria

Many organizations and programs share the MCEDC’s values and contribute greatly to the greater Montgomery County, MD community. The MCEDC will strive to support as many organizations and programs as possible, and will support sponsorships that:

  • Support the growth of the County’s target industries and/or the MCEDC’s strategic initiatives

  • Fill a gap in the economic ecosystem that inhibit sustainable economic growth in the County

  • Advance the economic development work of high-quality partner organizations

  • Leverage additional collaborations between industry leaders and partner organizations

  • Provide access to additional networking, training and professional development for business owners

The event to be sponsored should also be held in or near Montgomery County, MD, if possible and appropriate, or the program to be sponsored should be intended to benefit the County’s economy.

General Restrictions

MCEDC’s sponsorship may not:

  • Be used for the purchase or sale of alcoholic beverages

  • Be used to engage in lobbying or campaign activities

  • Involve the sponsorship of individuals for their individual participation in a fundraising activity or event

Sponsorship Application Process

Organizations are welcome to submit sponsorship proposals in writing either by mail or email. Requests should be submitted to the MCEDC at least 30 days prior to the event. Proposals are accepted as they arrive. Sponsorship decisions will be made based on the availability of funds and whether the request is in line with the criteria and requirements listed above.

Proposals should include the following:

  • A description and history of the event or program

  • An explanation of how the MCEDC’s sponsorship will meet the criteria listed above

  • The target audience or demographics for the event/program

  • The sponsorship levels available, including a list of other major partners

  • The deadline for a sponsorship decision

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