Red, White and New



Many people don’t think of Maryland as the home to rolling vineyards and award-winning wines. But some are proving that’s about to change. Montgomery County turns out to be a great location for grape vines. From Cabernets to Pinot Grigios, the northern geography’s soil is contributing to a booming new industry.

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A bottle of wine reflects the place where it’s grown. So we set out to find the perfect hillside to grow grapes. We found that in the Montgomery County Agricultural Reserve. This rocky hillside, called Burnt Hill, has the capacity to produce wines unlike anywhere else on earth.

Andrew Baker, Vigneron at Old Westminster Winery


When Old Westminster Winery was reaching capacity on their 17-acre family farm, the brother and sister team went searching for just the perfect hillside to expand their vineyard. After hiring a distinguished geologist, they discovered Burnt Hill, a plateau in northern Montgomery County. Join winemakers Drew, Lisa, and Ashli for a glass in their beautiful tasting room.


In pursuit of making great wine, Black Ankle Vineyards in Montgomery County is fully committed to being an estate winery—every grape for every bottle of wine that they produce is grown on their farm. They have also built their tasting room and winery building from straw, clay, stone and wood that was grown or found on the farm. Plan your visit for a glass today.

A Local Favorite Since 2006

These ‘new on the block’ vineyards join Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard (photo above) which lies at the foot of the beautiful mountain and park. With 22 expansive acres, the vineyard currently grows 5 white varieties and 5 red.


A beautiful, new vineyard is growing in Montgomery County. 61 Vineyard in Damascus was acquired in 2017 with plans to make great wine. A true Maryland farm to glass production, they plant more than 20 acres of both red and white grapes. Members of both Maryland Grape Growers Association and Maryland Wineries Association, they also plan to open a tasting room in 2020.

Windridge Farm was excited to produce their first vintage of wine in 2017, which is currently aging in barrel. They anticipate releasing their first wines in the fall of 2018—along with a new wine-tasting facility that overlooks the beautiful Agricultural Reserve. Their farm also grows fruit to sell to other wineries and sells vineyard equipment.

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