Pop-Up: Friendship Heights

July 26: A Teensy Bakery and Great Big Shopping

Our fantastic MCEDC summer interns are by now metro aficionados, easily navigating the red line to hop on and off at different stops in our diverse county. They report back to us with first impressions, anecdotes and photos to help us tell the great story of Montgomery County.

Anna Wright is a grad student studying Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Claudia Elzey is a grad student at the University of Pennsylvania, studying City & Regional Planning. They joined us through the Montgomery County Council’s 10-week Summer Associates program, a collaboration among the Council, the Council’s Office of Legislative Oversight, and MCEDC. 

On July 26, they disembark at the Friendship Heights metro station for their last Pop-Up for Summer 2017.

Pop-Up #7: Friendship Heights, July 26th, 2017

Five quick takes: 

  • Bustling shopping scene: After emerging from the metro, we meandered down the wide sidewalks and gazed in the windows of boutiques and high-end clothing stores. A shopping bonanza for the well-heeled – we will window shop.

  • Sweets and treats: Our first refreshments stop this morning was Sweet Teensy Bakery, a locally-owned cafe serving up delicate pastries, espresso drinks, and fresh-squeezed juice. Claudia ordered orange juice and an oatmeal cookie while I treated myself to a cappuccino and a muffin. Sweet deliciousness.

  • Rest and relaxation at Brookdale Park: Just behind the Geico building, we stumbled upon a wooded park with rolling hills and curvy paths. We breathed in the fresh air and wandered through the sunlight before returning to the busy streets. Nice to find open spaces and fresh air so close to city life in MoCo.

  • Locally-sourced lunch at Clyde’s: Clyde’s is a Washington tradition and known for its unique décor. This establishment was no exception. Claudia and I walked into a jungle of ferns, tropical plants, and model airplanes hanging from the ceiling! Our lunch was delicious. I ordered the Georgia Peach salad with greens and peaches sourced from nearby, and Claudia feasted on the fish tacos, stuffed full with fresh tomatoes and drizzled with a tangy aioli. More deliciousness!

  • Reliable Metro Commute: And so, we conclude our travels for now. Through our Pop-Up experiences, we depended on the Red Line to experience Montgomery County and to connect us to the city of D.C. (so close!) We were lucky enough to catch the new 7000 cars, with a sleek design and flat screen monitors, both to and from Friendship Heights for a clean, comfortable ride.