Federal Tax Incentives to Spur Community Growth in Montgomery County

Opportunity Zones encourage investors to re-invest their capital gains into underserved areas for long-term community building – with 14 zones located in Montgomery County. Private sector ‘Opportunity Funds’ provide investors the chance to use needed capital to rebuild select census tract areas. A broad array of investors can work together to pool resources, encourage new development and help re-energize underserved communities.

(White Oak is one of the 14 Opportunity Zones in MoCo)

Promotes new investment and drive economic growth in communities

Enables Opportunity Zones to overlap with other programs including Maryland Arts & Entertainment Districts, Maryland Enterprise Zones, and Maryland RISE Zones

Allows select tax benefits to be realized through 2047

Encourages re-investment in communities over the next 10 years, under the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Find Opportunity Zones in Montgomery County, Maryland

Silver Spring Central Business District (2 areas): overlaps with a Maryland Arts and Entertainment District and is home of United therapeutics, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and part of the future Purple Line route.

Wheaton Central Business District: Overlaps with a Maryland Enterprise Zone and a Maryland Arts and Entertainment District.

White Oak (2 areas): Home of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Viva White Oak.

Germantown: Hub for Montgomery College’s Pickney Innovation Complex and a future Maryland Rise Zone.

Montgomery Village

Gaithersburg (3 select areas east of I-270)

Long Branch and Takoma Park (3 select areas east of Silver Spring): Along the future Purple Line Corridor which overlaps with a Maryland Enterprise Zone

Rockville Pike: Section between Rockville Town Square and White Flint

Opportunity Zone Story Map

To learn more about Opportunity Zones in Montgomery County while seeing how investors and communities can benefit, go to the Opportunity Zone Narrative Data Map.