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The Make Office Vacancy Extinct (MOVE) Program is designed to assist new business attraction and business formation in the County. Businesses new to the County that lease up to 20,000 square feet of Class A or B office space and wet lab space may receive a grant of $8.00 per square foot. The MOVE Grant amount is capped at $80,000. Companies need to apply here for funding within 90 days of signing a lease.

Additionally, companies currently working from privately-owned co-working spaces and privately run business Incubators located in the County may qualify for MOVE Grants. Each company will need to provide proof of its co-working or incubator space agreement as part of the evaluation process for MOVE. Please contact MCEDC staff for more details.


about the move program


  1. Must be a new business to the County, defined as one that is relocating or expanding from a location outside the County or a home-based startup occupying their first commercial office in the County. 

  2. All businesses are eligible except for retail, restaurant, and independent financial or insurance agent/broker establishments.

    Craft alcohol production companies (breweries, cideries, distilleries, and wineries) whose primary use of the space is production are eligible.

  3. Execute a direct lease with a landlord for at least 3 years for Class A or B commercial office space in the County.

    a. Total leased space must be equal to or less than 20,000 SF. To calculate the grant, a cap of 10,000 SF is used.

    b. Class A or B flex space will qualify for businesses that can demonstrate wet lab space is required per their business proposal.

    c. Shared office space providers must submit an occupancy permit, if a lease was not executed.

    d. For Craft alcohol production companies: Only the production (manufacturing) portion of the Class A or B leased space is eligible for the incentive. The 20,000 sq. ft. and $80,000 caps apply.

  4. The application receipt date must be within 90 days of the signed lease date.

    The application will be reviewed, and if qualified, the applicant will receive assistance upon submission of the executed lease and verification of occupancy.


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Supporting Documents Required
1. Copy of the article of incorporation or similar documentation of company structure. 2. Copy of the signed lease or occupancy permit for shared office providers. 3. Evidence of occupancy at the address of the leased space (e.g. moving or utility bill, use of occupancy, etc.) 4. Business plan or business proposal. 5. Floor plan of Craft Alcohol Production facility evidencing the square footage of production space (if applicable). NOTE: Please re-name all files to include your Federal Tax ID# before uploading to ensure your files are bundled correctly. Example: XX-XXXXXXX_lease.pdf upload
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