cutting-edge infrastructure advances productivity

Information and connectivity are becoming the new currency in today’s business environment. At Montgomery County, we understand and stay one step ahead with everything your business needs to compete. With a high-speed fiber network that greatly improves communication and a strong data center ecosystem, Montgomery County is on the leading edge of infrastructure and technology improvements.

Cellular Coverage

Our area has extensive 4G coverage from all four major wireless carriers—including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile. Hughes Network Systems, one of the country’s two leading satellite broadband providers is also headquartered in Montgomery County.

Data Center Ecosystem

Montgomery County offers its own mature commercial data center ecosystem. Two of these data centers include Bytegrid and Recovery Point. Bytegrid is a national provider of multi-tenant data centers. The maintainable and fault-tolerant design of this facility offers an ideal location for projects and expansion opportunities for businesses.

Smart Transit Project

This project focuses on the County’s public transportation system by using real-time data gathering of bus capacities, locations, Wi-fi connectivity, passenger safety alerts, and bus routing information to enhance the customer experience.

ultramontgomery Fiber Connectivity

ultraMontgomery is a high-speed fiber network that connects our business, academic and federal institutions along major corridors and greatly improves communication. The technology-based, multi-year, economic development initiative aims to grow jobs by making gigabit broadband more affordable and widely available to public and private institutions in major corridors and transit-oriented communities within the County. In addition to private providers, the County operates its own 570-mile government run fiber network, called FiberNet.

Public Data

dataMontgomery was among the first generation of local government open data platforms launched in 2007—where residents can access and analyze publicly available data in a searchable and consumable format. CountyStat uses data strategically to monitor, assess, and improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and performance of County services, solve problems, and develop targeted action plans and strategies to deliver results for our residents, businesses, and communities. openMontgomery provides immediate access to vital county data and information, along with a wide variety of raw data that the public can analyze freely.

In our modern tech economy, internet connectivity and network infrastructure are as fundamental to economic development as an educated workforce and transportation. My goal is to leverage ultraMontgomery, our ultra-high speed, fiber network initiative, to ensure that Montgomery County has the most robust, reliable, and resilient broadband in the nation.

Marc Elrich, Montgomery County Executive


Silver Spring, MD

Atlantech Online, Inc. is a business and government service Telephone and Internet Service provider headquartered in Silver Spring. The company provides high speed Internet connectivity services, MPLS and other data networking services, telephone service and hosting in its data centers, specializing in server colocation. Atlantech’s multi-terabit per second fiber backbone has the scale for a wide range of telecommunications solutions for evolving network needs. The company participates in the ultraMontgomery project of Montgomery County, which supports new connections and fiber lines between Montgomery County and the data centers of Ashburn, Virginia.