Be Engaged to Create the Future that Montgomery County is Capable of Achieving

As the new public/private partnership to help grow our economy in Montgomery County, we will find success by engaging our business community in ways never before experienced in our County. It’s evident that our businesses need to have their perspectives heard. Accordingly, the Montgomery County Economic Development Corp (MCEDC) has crafted a FY 2019 Strategic Plan of Action, recently adopted by our private board of directors, in response to our business community needs. It reflects solutions that will create a more dynamic and sustainable business community and drive results.

Business and employment growth in Montgomery County has lagged in the region prior to the inception of the MCEDC, and we recognize the opportunity for a new approach to growing our economy.

Today, our pro-active team is assisting companies in our business development pipeline, representing small and large businesses alike in BioHealth, Technology, Financial Services, Advanced Manufacturing and Corporate Headquarters relocations. These companies recognize Montgomery County’s significant strengths in talent (57% of our workforce holds Bachelor’s Degrees, and 31% hold Advanced Degrees), education pipeline, robust transportation infrastructure, strong K-12 school system, and our incredibly diverse population that drives innovation.

In the last nine months alone, we have announced business development projects that will result in the creation of 476 jobs through company expansion and 522 new jobs through new company creation in our county. Over $285 million in business capital investments will be added to the economy, and as our project pipeline matures, we expect these numbers to grow.

Yes, recent reports of our flat to sluggish economy are disturbing, but be part of our mission and vision. We can recognize and address the realities of our past performance and choose to make a future that Montgomery County is capable of achieving. I’m confident that your engagement will help us create the conditions necessary for sustainable and inclusive economic growth.


David Petr
President and CEO
Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation