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Driving Cultural and Economic Success

Montgomery County leads the way with our melting pot of cultures, ideas and discoveries. People of all nationalities call this region home. Virtually every language is spoken in Montgomery County, and we celebrate the cultural diversity that flows in our communities.


of Businesses are Woman-Owned


Languages are Spoken in our Public Schools


of Businesses are Minority-Owned


of Residents are Non-White

A diversity of people, places and ideas

Montgomery County’s diversity of thinking will yield unmatched innovation for businesses in the area. Building upon our success of developing talent and purpose-driven philosophies, our leaders will create advancements in technology unlike any other location in the country.

Home to 4 of the top 10 most culturally diverse cities

Four Montgomery County cities were placed in the top ten 2017 list created by the personal-finance website Wallethub. The site conducted an in-depth analysis of the diverse cities in the U.S.—with Germantown placing second, Gaithersburg third, Silver Spring fourth, and Rockville ninth.

Wallethub started investigating cultural diversity in the U.S. after President Donald Trump signed executive orders targeting immigration-policy reform. Researchers compared 501 of the largest U.S. cities across three key metrics: ethno-racial diversity, linguistic diversity and birthplace diversity.

If you ask anyone why they came here, from big developers to residents, their number one, two and three answer is diversity. We are not that way by happenstance; it is intentionally diverse, and people come here for that.

Reemberto Rodriguez, Director, Silver Spring Regional Center


  • 40% of residents speak a language other than English

  • Our public schools support gender identity

  • Maryland is a leader in same-sex marriage

  • The #2 destination for African immigrants

  • 1/3 residents are foreign born

  • Our children speak 138 languages

Jennifer Dickens

Senior Business Associate, United Solution

JenniferDickens Still 2-retouched.jpg

Jennifer believes that access to innovation is important. She loves how Montgomery County has a lot of internships for young people in IT. The County is also filled with leaders, including business and government decision-makers.

Living in Rockville, she enjoys a huge Asian community that offers fantastic food. Access to a variety of opportunities, including sports for her daughter, is also very important to her.


Watch these videos about Diversity in MoCo:

DENIZENS BREWING CO. is the County’s hometown brewery, providing a better product that helps the local economy and environment. Working with government leaders to remove old barriers allowed them to expand their distribution.

SOCIAL & SCIENTIFIC SYSTEMS supports policymakers, medical professionals, communities, and citizens to improve public health, such as AIDS clinical trials, analyzing Medicare data, and other health services around the world.

KOOLSPAN, a leader in encrypted calls and messaging, ensures security for clients that span government agencies and financial services to healthcare and other industries – with business in 60 countries.