Family-Friendly with a Diverse Business Community 

Just 4 miles from Germantown and 15 miles from Frederick, Clarksburg is a family-oriented suburban area that is convenient to the many companies along the I-270 technology corridor. Small businesses thrive in this close-knit community with a great mix of outdoor parks, historic sites and locally owned restaurants and shops. The area has had major growth in recent years with the building of the town center and the Clarksburg Premium Outlets. 

Small businesses range from consultants and software companies to landscapers and locally owned restaurants. As a diverse community, Clarksburg is a welcoming place that provides the open spaces and good schools that attract families.

Ranked #4 for best suburbs to buy a home in MD

Northern end of the I-270 Tech Corridor

Home of the 3,700-acre Little Bennett Regional Park

Shopping, dining and events at the Clarksburg Premium Outlets


The Agricultural Heritage and Farmer’s Markets

A strong agricultural heritage provides a diverse business community and a strong economic base. In Clarksburg, find Meadows Farm, Windcrest Farms, King Farm and others which are important contributors to the economy upcounty. The popular open-air Clarksburg Town Center Farmer’s Market draws a crowd in-season for locally grown fresh produce, plants and food products. The market also features local artisans and musicians.

Maryland SoccerPlex & Discovery Sports Center

Close to Clarksburg is the Maryland SoccerPlex with 19 full-sized irrigated soccer fields and a Championship Stadium. With seating for 4,000 spectators, Musco lighting and broadcast quality audio, the Maryland SoccerPlex is a gem in upcounty. Also on the campus, the Discovery Sports Center, a 46,000 square foot arena for basketball, volleyball, and other indoor sports.

A Great Shopping Experience

The Clarksburg Premium Outlets can be viewed from I-270 and is a mega shopping destination. Stores range from Asics and Adidas to J. Crew and Off Saks Fifth Avenue. With ample parking and great spots for lunch, the premium outlets have brought many new people from Montgomery County and beyond – to Clarksburg.

A Rich History

Dowden’s Ordinary and its Famous Guests

What is an ordinary? It is like an inn. Dowden’s Ordinary provided a place for travelers to spend the night, rest their horses and to get a hot meal. Dowden’s Ordinary in Clarksburg was a stopping point for travelers going from Georgetown to Frederick. In April 1755, during the French and Indian War, General Braddock stayed at the inn with his troops on their way to the battle at Fort Duquesne. At the time, a 20-something George Washington was an aide to General Braddock but he did not stay with the General in Clarksburg. General Braddock was fatally injured in the battle along with many English soldiers and colonial settlers. George Washington was Braddock’s only aide to survive the battle. It is said that Andrew Jackson also dined in Clarksburg on the way to his inauguration. 

Dowden’s Ordinary Special Park is a playground that commemorates the historic inn with walking paths, historic interpretive signs and a Ghost Structure to represent. 

Kingsley School House

Step back in time to 1893 for a school that fit the need of the many local farms of the region. Designed to serve the children of the rural farming community, it was nicknamed Froggy Hollow due to the many frogs peeping around. The School has a wood burning stove, simple wooden desks and a Victrola record player.Today, volunteers open it to visitors, hosting events and free guided tours.

More Great Reasons

  • 34% of residents have a master’s degree or higher 

  • 22,000 residents in a diverse, family friendly community

  • Easy access to Washington, D.C., Frederick and the Montgomery County Airpark

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Clarksburg is a close-knit community with a great mix of outdoor spaces, historic sites and locally-owned restaurants and shops.