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Our leaders cross industries and boundaries, showcasing the business breakthroughs that are happening every day in Montgomery County. Explore our videos, which include Think Success, Built for Bio, Strength in Numbers, and We Are Montgomery.

Think Success

Meet some of our impressive CEOs and company heads that give a firsthand account of what makes Montgomery County special. And most importantly, what makes them successful here in the County.

Health Solutions Research

Health Solutions Research works with health providers to improve the quality of care and reduce costs, using data analytics.


Think of Mytonomy as Netflix meets YouTube for healthcare: a new model transforming health care by delivering microlearning content.

KID Museum

An innovative learning space for kids ages 4–14 to explore the world and invent the future – KID Museum engages kids to make a positive difference.


Explore our life science innovators who are creating breakthroughs in the BioHealth world.

Adaptive Phage Therapeutics

American Gene Technologies

Facility Logix


Integrated BioTherapeutics

Built for Bio


Explore Datastory videos that show the metrics behind business success in Montgomery County.

Talent & Education

Connectivity & Housing

Cybersecurity & Life Sciences



Strength in Numbers

We Are Montgomery

Explore the stories of many of the business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators that make up the diverse tapestry of business success in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Seth Goldman

Dr. Derionne Pollard

Woody Woodroof