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In Defense of Small Business: Threat Strategies That Work

  • Live online at 8am (map)

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) regularly struggle to get attention in a marketplace crowded with larger, noisier competitors, but this is certainly not the case when it comes to cyber attacks. As large enterprises continue to invest dollars and resources into their security programs, malicious actors have turned their attention to small, less protected companies. And for an SMB, the traditional approach to threat intelligence—knowing where the next attack is coming from before it hits—is simply too costly, too technical, and too complicated. Join Vince Crisler, CEO of Dark Cubed, for a discussion about what SMBs need: cost-effective solutions for threat intelligence that are automated, powered by machine learning, and provide insights through user-friendly dashboards that the business can understand.

Sponsored by: National Cyber Security Alliance

Live online at 8am.