Innovators Choose Montgomery County

Montgomery County has long cemented its status as a leader in BioHealth research and discovery. The County is home to global leaders like AstraZeneca, GSK and United Therapeutics, along with emerging companies that are shaping the future of the life sciences industry. Local innovators are researching, discovering and sending to market new ideas and cures that save lives. With more than 300 biotech and life sciences companies and numerous support resources and funding opportunities, the County is also home to the NIH and the FDA.

adaptive phage therapeutics

Killing tumors with targeted gene therapy while combatting drug resistant bacteria. Learn more at Adaptive Phage Therapeutics.

Precision superbug therapy to optimize health outcomes

First in-human success for critically ill MDR infected patient

Exclusive global rights to U.S. Navy’s phage technology

Integrated BioTherapeutics

Focusing on the discovery of novel vaccines and therapeutics for infectious diseases. Learn more at Integrated Biotherapeutics.

A vaccine for staphylococcal infection that 30% of us have on our skin

Targeting a variety of toxins produced by S. aureus

Working to reduce the burden of antibiotic resistance on our public health system

american gene technologies

Finding cures for breast, prostate and liver cancer, along with infectious diseases. These are core ideas for the pioneers at American Gene Technologies.

Highly effective targeted genetic medicines

6 granted patents for immune-oncology on solid tumor cancers

$30 million raised for innovation


Merging technology and facilities expertise to support life sciences discoveries.  Facility Logix is at the intersection of strategy and science.

Helps build EVLP lung facility to enable lung transplantation

Cutting edge solutions to advance life sciences breakthroughs
$138 million in cGMP capital in first quarter of ‘19


Improving lives of trauma victims with genomic blood test screening for PTSD.  TruGenomix is leading the way to help veterans and others most at risk.

Trailblazer in PTSD research and next-gen sequencing

Only approved patent for risk and diagnosis
Fighting for the 1 in 5 veterans and service members affected


Director of Business Recruitment


Explore how top talent, numerous resources, and federal assets contribute to life science success, and how Montgomery County is Built for Bio.



Bio Lab Pilot is a reimbursement grant program created by MCEDC with funding support from the Maryland Department of Commerce. Expanding local, new start-ups, and relocating companies are eligible to apply for funds to fit-out newly leased lab space. Learn more about the program and eligibility requirements. VIEW & DOWNLOAD APPLICATION