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Welcome to Montgomery County, Maryland! We appreciate the opportunity to introduce you the strength and diversity of our prime, business-ready, east coast location. We lead the way in groundbreaking innovation and discovery. Four of the ten most diverse U.S. cities are located right here and our residents speak 138 different languages – all contributing to the diversity of thought, people and talent.

Mapping the human genome. Developing life-saving therapies. Building premiere cybersecurity defenses. Driving world-class IT advancements. If it’s on the forefront of technology, it’s happening here.

We also proudly support our large base of small and minority businesses helping them to grow. Montgomery County is firmly committed to local sustainability, state-of-the-art connectivity and excellent infrastructure. Business in the County thrives with our synergy of talent, resources and bold thinking.

Choosing Montgomery County is a smart business decision.

  • Grow here and find the nation’s capital and its key decision makers as your next-door neighbors.
  • Find 18 major federal agency headquarters including the NIH, FDA and NIST, and dozens more in neighboring Washington, D.C.
  • Gain access to the Smartest Workforce where 57% of our residents have a bachelor’s degree and 31% a post-grad degree – the highest in the nation
  • Lead the way in innovation through life science, IT, cyber and advanced manufacturing excellence
  • Welcome cultural diversity in a community where 1/3 of our residents come from other countries
  • Connect to 3 International Airports within 30 miles – from here, do business anywhere
  • Access top schools in the U.S. – 36 National Blue-Ribbon schools and 6 of the top high schools in the state are in our County

To live, work and play, there is no better choice than Montgomery County. Our MCEDC team of experts is ready with business and market intelligence along with connections to funding and incentives, the world’s strongest talent pool, and the ideal location.

Reach out and connect. We look forward to helping you achieve business success right here in Montgomery County, Maryland.



This location is a big reason why our talented and diverse workforce – numbering more than 1,600 from over 50 countries – loves to live and work in Montgomery County and its environs. And they stay here: we are proud of our 93% employee retention rate.

Pradman Kaul, President and CEO, Hughes Network Systems

Above all, the County and the Greater Washington area have consistently provided the skilled and talented workforce that we have needed to expand and prosper.

Arne Sorenson, President and CEO, Marriott International, Inc.

- David Petr, President & CEO, MCEDC

Your Success is our Business

Our business retention and recruitment experts are ready to help you connect. Whether you are thinking of starting, expanding or relocating a business in Montgomery County, MCEDC is here for you. We are a resourceful team, so please reach out and ask for what you need. If we don’t have it, we’ll find it for you.
Assist with Site Location

Access Available Properties

Provide knowledgeable assistance to private and public businesses thinking of starting, expanding or relocating to MoCo, including help finding commercial properties to fit your needs.

Make Important Connections

Make important connections

What do you need? Using our wide ranging network, we can connect you to potential partners and investors, professional service providers and others to make things happen.

Provide Intel on Industries and the Market

Get Business Intel

Tap our experts for important information on industries and current market conditions.

Explore Available Incentives

Explore available incentives

Find out about current incentive programs from the county and the state, along with licensing, permitting and zoning information.

MISSION: Accelerating Business Growth

The mission of the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation is to accelerate business growth and retention in Montgomery County. MCEDC promotes the county as a prime location for business large and small to thrive. To support economic growth, we strategically connect business decision makers to market intelligence, premier locations, available incentives, and top talent.

Funded by Montgomery County, Maryland, the MCEDC is the official public-private corporation organized as a 501(c)(3).

VISION: Economic Development, Reinvented

Our vision is to showcase Montgomery County as an ideal location to start, grow or expand a business, with the support resources and infrastructure in place to help companies succeed.  With a diverse, creative, highly educated population, Montgomery County is a great place to live and work.

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