Find Prime Business Locations and Market Intelligence

MCEDC has experienced business retention and recruitment professionals ready to help you achieve your business success in Montgomery County. Whether you are looking for the ideal location, ways to attract top talent, or understand more about current market conditions, MCEDC is here to help. If we don’t have what you're looking for, we’ll find it for you.


The Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization created in 2016 to help promote economic growth in Montgomery County. The public/private partnership is governed by a Board of Directors, a group comprised of business, academic and research leaders. The FY19 Strategic Plan of Action outlines the major goals and objectives of MCEDC.


Our business retention and recruitment experts are ready to help you achieve your business growth in Montgomery County. With decades of business experience on our team in the County and throughout the region, MCEDC can connect you to valuable resources, prime locations, public and private partnerships, and more. See our Reports page for market and industry reports, success brochures and business location reports.



We are ready to assist you with market intelligence to help you find business success. Using our wide-ranging network, we can connect you to potential partners and investors, funding opportunities, professional service providers, incubators & accelerators, networking and more. Tap our experts to help you connect and find the resources you need. Our partnerships include WorkSource Montgomery and Visit Montgomery.


Find out about current incentive programs from the county and the state, along with licensing, permitting and zoning information. Many incentives, tax credits and other help is available—and our business development team can help you find assistance.


We can assist you with finding the perfect location from site selection to knowing early about available commercial properties. Whether you are considering starting a business here, moving into the county, or expanding within your current location, we can help. We’ll help you find the address of choice that can lead to great business success in the county.



Your business success starts with our smart talent, where 31% of Montgomery County residents hold a post-grad degree and almost 60% of our residents have a bachelor’s degree. MCEDC partners with colleges and universities to help you source the best talent. We are a ‘go-to’ resource that links the local and regional workforce pipeline to companies to fuel success.


We really enjoyed the meeting and found your guidance and suggestions quite valuable. We plan to reach out to the contacts you provided and seek opportunities we discussed.

Rise Solutions Group, in meeting with Daniel Parra, MCEDC’s Director of Small and Minority Business Development


The mission of the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation is a public/private partnership created to accelerate business growth and retention in Montgomery County. MCEDC promotes the county as a prime location for business large and small to thrive. To support economic growth, we strategically connect business decision makers to market intelligence, premier locations, available incentives, and top talent.


Our vision is to showcase Montgomery County as an ideal location to start, grow or expand a business, with the support resources and infrastructure in place to help companies succeed. With a diverse, creative, highly educated population, Montgomery County is a great place to live and work.